Zooomr Rocks the Innovation Socks

I’ve heard of Zooomr a little while back but I just recently signed up and I got to say it is friggin awesome.

Army LifeArmy Life Hosted on Zooomr

That’s my first uploaded picture, I will soon be traveling and will post many more. Zooomr is a real pleasure to use, but I still think it could use some user interface polish to make the interaction even smoother. By the way, how can you not love portals? Great idea by Kristopher Tate, the founder of Zooomr.

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My favourite designs

Yes, you heard it. I have my list of favourite designs. They are in the many. Let me know what you think. Man, there are some great designers around; really hate the fact I’m not one of them.

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August 1st – Sunshine Monday

There are a lot of things that I love but I love to complain about things that bug me more than anything else. Another excellent blog from Ramit Sethi.
Friskly is a new project from Eric Kerr of AcoustiSpot and 500spots.com, which basically pays you to search. Thank goodness Eric finally came up with a name that lacks the word spot.
The wonderful Veerle (pronounced Veer┬Ěla) kindly outlines the process of creating patterns in Photoshop. Here’s a worthwhile interview with the champ.
Ben Casnocha, a fellow 18 year old with an inspirational spirit, celebrated the end of his gap-year travels in London. He blogged about his whole trip to Europe, so if you’re planning to travel there yourself, this is a great resource.
This is how you get the best guys to work for you. Man, I wish I were a system administrator just so I could work at Fog Creek Software.
The lovely designers at Firewheel design have written an informative guideline to hiring your first employee.
Holy cow, this statement from Robert Scoble excited me: “Speaking of Apple, they are readying a dizzying amount of new products.”

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July 4th – Happy Independence Day Fellow Americans

A short while ago, I did not know who Robert Scoble really was. I wasn’t subscribed to his blog. Now? I never skip his feed. I must say Scoble has an intriguing persona. How could you not respect a man who opens his home by the simple gesture of a wine bottle?


A fairly new startup from Britain named Attap has released their development framework–Jitsu–as open source. The only other startup I can recall to have that kind of mind set is 37signals when they released Ruby on Rails.


I came across some very grief-stricken news from Ian Ybarra’s blog the other day. He hopes to teach a point across; still, many who will read it will take no action.


I like some compelling neuroscience; Plenty of cognitive science on Leadership.

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Hello world!

Hi, this is my wordpress.com blog. I have my own blog, but this will be for some funky activity unlike at my own blog where it is semi-professional ;) I might not use it at all, but who knows?

On another note, I’ve recently started playing and getting familiar with Textpattern and I’ve got to say I am liking it! I am planning to continue to learn Textpattern’s unique abilities and I might write a plugin for it to contribute to the community.

This Techcrunch post is going to have some interesting responses. I am also working hard on an upcoming post for Techcrunch which will most likely go live next week.

Again, an interesting article relating to the fantastic Textpattern found at sonspring about the combination of Textpattern and SimpleViewer.

The fifth meetup at The Crunch House is happening on Feb.17 and is already full with 200 people. The likes of Om Malik and Matt Mullenweg are going to be present and many more that I may have missed. I wish I could join the gang, that could be a ton of fun. ;-)

Take a look at this neat showcase of beautifully designed websites from around the net.

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